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Acquired in early 2008 by the business angel New York Finance Innovation (NYFI), the company knows a fresh start. It aims to take an important part in the revival of airships, to renew its concept by incorporating modern technologies and materials.


Voliris occupies the two large buildings at the top of the photo.

Voliris is, therefore, dedicated to the completion of an ambitious research program, framed and funded. To carry out his project VOLIRIS built its shed on the airfield of Moulins, providing a home to park the prototypes developed by its R & D team.

Relying on a narrow team of young engineers enthusiastic of aviation and Sustainable Development the  research department develops unique digital tools dedicated to the design of its airships assembles the airships in its shed and led flight tests to validate the digital calculations.

The V900, renaissance of the dirigible

Created in 2001, Voliris is born out of the passion of Misters Theuveny, father and son, both passionate about airships. In 2003, the VOLIRIS company built its first airship,  the VOLIRIS 900, whose maiden flight took place on the airport of Clermont Ferrand in June, from sheds  kindly made available by the AIA.

Documentary on the airship Tour de France for the Weather Channel in the summer of 2007.

Developed using new technologies, the VOLIRIS 900 proved its efficiency and reliability in four years of campaigning. Nevertheless, despite advertising missions  and women pilot training  in 2007, the Voliris 900  market was limited by its operating costs and the weather constraints, inescapable issues when operating  conventional blimps and airships.

In order to develop the use of lightened airships and expand their markets it is essential  that airship technology  get ahead of progress and innovation  in order to bring  a relevant breakthrough technology to the world of aeronautic.

Sarl au capital de 1994 310 €
RCS Moulins B 421 972 555
Siret 421 972 555 00039 APE 3316Z
VTA FR 6842197555

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