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Alain Bernard

Technical Director

Gratuated from France’s top engineering institutes:  the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Aéronautique, he completed his scientific training through a degree in law and management in HEC, France’s top business school.

He began his career in public as an engineer in civil and military telecommunications. He will then be a successful entrepreneur in the field of telecommunications, especially with his company Prosody, a pioneer in voice services and in what is now called cloud computing.

Alain has filed numerous patents in telecommunications, payment systems, aircraft and electric vehicles.

After selling Prosody in 2006, Alain has created New York Finance and Innovation, whose projects intend to use telecommunications technologies and methodology to promote breakthrough innovations in transports.

  •   Heller/Joustra
  •   L. Bernard
  •   Modulowatt
  •   Voliris

Gérard Durand

VOLIRIS’ Manager

Since the age of 20 aeronautics is his usual environment.  After spending five years in the Air Force, Gérard Durand returned to civilian to be involved in light aircraft. He participated in the birth of the ULM movement of which he is a pioneer. From the outset, he geared towards professional and military applications of these devices.

His wide experience has made ​​him a recognized leader in the most demanding applications, such as crop spraying, surveillance missions and very low altitude flights. This experience has been used by many public and private companies, as well as several national and international government agencies.

Points clefs

  •   Ecole technique de l’Armée de l’Air (France). Pilote Dassault 311 et 312.
  •   Technicien de maintenance en aéronautique.
  •   Spécialiste des relevés aériens photogrammétriques.
  •   Spécialiste diplômé des applications phytosanitaires pour l’agriculture par voie aérienne.
  •   Pilote professionnel et instructeur ULM, avec toutes les qualifications depuis 1979.
  •   Pilote privé avion.



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